HMS Avenger

HMS Avenger

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This original wood artwork is HMS Avenger, a type 21 general-purpose frigate of the Royal Navy.


Aprox 170 x 80mm and 100mm deep.

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I have drawn this pyrograph on a section of Yew log, cut horizontally. It depicts HMS Avenger and is drawn from a pre-1982 photograph I took of her shortly after joining her ships company. I joined Avenger in 1981 from HMS Antelope, another Type 21 frigate based in Devonport. Avenger (I still think it a fantastic name for a warship) served with distinction (as did so many others) during the short but vicious Falklands Conflict in 1982, taking part in numerous Naval Gun Support operations in support of ground troops and serving as escort to the aircraft carriers - amongst other duties. Designed as a "general purpose" frigate, the Type 21 carried Exocet anti-ship missiles as well as sea-cat anti-aircraft weapons and a Westland Lynx (Avengers' was called "Purdy") helicopter as an anti-submarine asset. They were powered by Rolls Royce Tyne and Olympus gas turbines with a reputed top speed of around 37 knots - so fast that the Captain of another Type 21, HMS Ambuscade, was able to water-ski behind her! 


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